The first game in my Game-a-week project is Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker! Yeah I know, I should be working on my backlog… but part of stopping a backlog from happening is to finish games as I buy them, and nothing was stopping me from getting this game.

Captain Toad comes out on the 3rd of Jan, so I’ll basically be playing pretty much as soon as I get home with the game, giving me probably an extra day to complete it.

Super Mario 3D World introduced the style of Captain Toad levels, with diorama like blocks with puzzles, and figuring out the path to the goal. Treasure Tracker introduces quite a few improvements and mechanics to the 3D World levels, like Shy Guys that chase you down, plucking turnips to throw as an attack, and crazy new levels with train cars, minecarts and more. All of this without the ability to jump, of course!

As I go through the week with the game, I’ll be posting screenshots and hopefully videos, with a wrap up post on the following Sunday, where I’ll also be talking about the next game in my project. Hope to see you then!

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