So it was foolish for me to attempt to finish a Zelda game in the span of a week… when it was a very busy week in general for me. I managed to get to the third dungeon, and yeah… I’ll have to revisit it in my own time, but I really was enjoying Wind Waker! When I get through it a bit more, I’ll do a post about my thoughts and such.

However, I figured it was time to start one of my Mario games! The Mario series is one of my favourites, and I actually have finished quite a few of the games in the series. One game I never got around to playing was Galaxy 2. This was around the time where Nintendo games were $90, and never, ever dropped in price. After getting a job at JB HiFi, I went for it!

I adored the first game of the series, and I have played a tiny bit of Galaxy 2, and I feel I’ve been craving a collect-a-thon sort of game for a while, especially after Captain Toad! And don’t worry, there’s a poll this week!

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