I did it! I completed Metroid II earlier this week, and I’ve been thinking on what I thought on the game, both on it’s own right, and as part of the Metroid series as a whole.

It controls like a Metroid game, and looks like a Metroid game. But the overall goal is unlike anything else in the series. Which makes sense, as the name implies, it’s only the second in the whole series. You have about 40 Metroids you need to hunt down and exterminate on their home planet, SR388.

Ultimately, you make your way through a fairly linear world, with very little backtracking. You end up going through tougher forms of Metroids, until you face the Metroid queen. I liked this section of the game, as it gives you a lot of standard Metroids to fight beforehand, which feels just like every other game in the series.

The end of the story sees Samus taking a Metroid hatchling along with her, which plays a big part in every Metroid game (other than the Prime series) since, either directly or indirectly.

While this may have been the weakest in the series gameplay wise that I’ve played so far, it’s still a game worth playing, if only for getting a bit more context of the overall narrative in the series.

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