Yup! I’ll add random game back again in time, but for now, it’s just between two.

Metroid: Other M! The black sheep of the Metroid series. I’ve already got a fair head start on this one, so this would just be me finishing it off. Other than the story, it’s actually quite enjoyable. Let’s hope it stays that way!

Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3! I’m a big Wario Land fan, but I never got to play the first one. So it’s about time I got into the roots of one of my favourite gamer series!

You have a week to vote, so get to it!

4 thoughts on “Game-a-Week Nine, it’s between two this time!

    1. Both games aren’t considered “great”, but are both part of series’ that I like, so it’s an attempt to ‘clear the trash’, so to speak πŸ˜›

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