That’s right, some non-Nintendo games in the poll! I’ve been making my way through my Nintendo pile-of-shame quite nicely, so I figured I might as well chew through some other franchises I keep buying.

There’s not much to say beyond “I’ve always wanted to try Metal Gear”. It just always interested, but the stealth vibe it gave put me off, until a few friends started talking about it.

Same sort of thing with Kingdom Hearts, and I didn’t have a PlayStation until PS3, so this was just a limitation until they released 1.5 Remix last year…? Sort of recently, at least. 2.5 Remix is on the list, too!

And then the Mario and Luigi games… I only have a physical copy of Bowser’s Inside Story, so I want to give it a proper go. Seeing Bowser with personality in any game is always pretty awesome.

So again, poll closes next Sunday! Get to votin’!

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