So even though it wasn’t a game I set out to play for one of my weeks, Super Metroid was still on my list. And after playing Metroid Prime, I was super pumped to play more Metroid games. I played Fusion, then Super Metroid, and after a bit of thinking, I’m finally gonna share my thoughts!

I feel like Super Metroid is to the Metroid series, as A Link to the Past is to the Zelda series, in that it really cemented a lot of the staples of the series. Even though Metroid apparently works in both 2D and 3D, the things they’re well known for are upgrades to weapons and armour, new abilities that add to moblity, and just plain old exploring. And Super Metroid didn’t invent a lot of these things, the style in which they’re done are very much reminiscent of the Super Nintendo installment.

One thing I’ve really liked while playing these games (well, most of them) is that if you’re thinking smart enough, you won’t need a guide to get you through. Super Metroid definitely turned into a very complex game, but at no point did I feel I had to rely on other peoples walkthroughs to find my way. Just using the map, and remembering areas you’ve gone to and using your new found abilities can get you very far. And the X-ray visor is an awesome feature that I haven’t seen in too many other games.



The boss design is also great. Crocomire was a challenge the first few attempts, but I knew what to do, and at what point I was screwed. I had to rely on save states a little bit on that boss… Kraid is massive compared to last time, and the Kidley fight was odd, but still fun and challenging. Every fight just took a bit of trial and error, and once you figured out your rhythm and strategy, it was a very satisfying experience. You usually got a cool little cutscene as well!

If you’ve been following me on Twitter, you’ll know that the Metroid series is fast becoming one of my favourite game series so far. And while Metroid Prime is still my favourite so far, this game still holds up and playing the game made me realise how much other games borrowed the awesome things it did right, and how far we’ve come as a medium! Stay tuned, I’m planning to write more thoughts and such throughout the week!

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