I went into Oracle of Seasons like I go into every Zelda game – with a sense of dread. I tend to go very far in either direction with Zelda, I either adore the hell out of it (A Link to the Past) or I detest it, and refuse to play any more of it (Skyward Sword). So it was a nice surprise when I felt draw right into the story and world of Oracle of Seasons. It felt like classic Zelda, with it’s own identity with the Rod of Seasons (or whatever it’s called).

Get off my stump, I want to dance up there...
Get off my stump, I want to dance up there…

The art style is about halfway between the NES original and A Link to the Past, leaning more towards the SNES installment. But the map made things much easier, compared to the original, where it gives you a proper heads up on a grid, telling you what structures or landmarks are on the selected tile.

I get really into this sometimes...
I even got the Zelda cover plates for the New 3DS like a nerd…

I only managed to finish the first 2 dungeons in the game, but both were really, really fun to figure out. While in my experience, the puzzles in a typical dungeon rely on the newly acquired item, the puzzles here are quite independent, or just use a new gameplay mechanic. So instead of thinking outside the box, you just had to think inside of an entirely different box. Crazy stuff.

And while I didn’t finish the game, I still intend on finishing it over time, during bus rides or when I’m in bed and can’t sleep (which happens very, very often!). I might even play Oracle of Ages on my own! So stay tuned, I’ll post more of my thoughts and such when I finish both of them!

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