The second and final part of our Mario Party 10 is up! We did a lot better this time round, I feel. Less lava may have something to do with it?

I also asked the guys to write up their thoughts on the game after our playthrough:

Kyle: Bowser mode was a refreshing change from the traditional Mario party. It was pretty cool to see the battles be fought for lives rather than being a simple win/lose.  All it really needs is a 3-4 more mini games to keep away the repetitiveness and it would be perfect.

Lachlan: Mario Party 10 seems to walk the balance between the classic, lose-your-friends-and-make-an-enemy brutality exemplified by early titles in the series, and the new, run-of-the-mill blandness that has been typical of the last few instalments. Gone is the arbitrary Super Star bullshit that always left you raging – say hello to a general feeling of balance. Whilst I miss the really competitive vibe of new games, I haven’t had this much find with a Mario Party since Mario Party 2. It has it’s flaws, but it’s a party game well-worth the purchase price.

Tom: I’ve been playing Mario Party on and off since MP2. MP10 is a nice slick addition to the MP franchise and uses the Wii U peripherals quite well. I miss the old style more competitive Mario Parties (maybe I’m just that kinda guy). I much prefer classic Mario Party mode over Bowser mode, mostly because of the limited amount of Bowser games and my play style is better suited to free-for-all minigames. But overall, a great game and good to crack out when you have friends around.

Dan: I’ve considered Mario Party to be a bit of a guilty pleasure for a while now. I’m not a particularly talented gamer. My ability to line up a headshot and frag a noob is sadly limited, however I sure can wiggle a joystick and I sure can press a button very fast. This is a lasting hangover from my childhood playing Commodore 64. So it has been that I’ve come to love the silly series of button-mashing, wiimote wiggling stupidity. The new addition to the series seems pretty solid, though the Bowser mode can feel a bit limited, and certainly I felt a little cheated playing Bowser in some of the less well-balanced minigames. Nonetheless it seems to be carrying on the franchise well, and I will probably be making a trip to the games shop to buy my own copy at some date soon.

Troy: I am a huge fan of asymmetrical multiplayer done well, and while Bowser Party definitely has a few kinks, it all round feels balanced enough for everyone to feel like they’re having fun. Which is really what games, and perhaps this one in particular, are all about- fun. You can over-analyse, look back nostalgically at Mario Party games gone by, but all up, we had fun with the game. Maybe it’s just easier to overlook the flaws when you have 4 loud friends to play with?

And that’s all from us! Leave a comment below if you wanna see any videos in particular, either Mario Party 10 or otherwise, and don’t forget to subscribe to the Youtube channel! Plenty more videos heading your way!

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