Three in a row! I’m unstoppable! But this might be the hardest review I’ve had to write so far… to sum it up quickly, I pulled this game apart so much while playing, yet I still felt like I had fun with it at the end of it. I’m really not sure how I cam to that conclusion, but let’s hope getting all my thoughts down will help me figure it out!

Firstly, this game, in the middle of a level will go from very easy, to tediously difficult in a drop of a hat. I could go from paying half attention, to needing quick reflexes, or even microscopic accuracy with my stylus. Sometimes Kirby and the Rainbow rope would snap onto things, to make it a bit easier… but other times it would just not behave as expected! This was the worst feeling, especially in the gondola levels, where the rope would just be off, without you really realising you missed until you lose a life. And having 20+ lives doesn’t make you feel much better about it.

The enemies and boss fights! The design is inspired, running with a clay/terracotta theme for most of the new enemies, which… well, makes sense. But enemy design in Kirby is typically governed by Kirby’s needs for attack via his famous copy abilities. So instead of having different attacks, the enemies are defined more by how you go about defeating them. And considering Kirby really just rolls into them… it’s not terribly exciting.

kirby boss

The boss fights are actually not too bad, keeping in mind that Kirby bosses in the traditional series are defeated just by scoring hits against them… which is precisely what these boss fights are! So again, nothing terribly inspired, but not completely uninteresting. The real shame is the first three boss fights are repeated in a sort of “powered up” version for the next three boss encounters. Coming from a series that has such an awesome boss fight medley in Super Smash Bros, it reeked of laziness.


The chests and unlocks in the game were oddly satisfying, with the chests unlocking either music from older games in the series, or figurines of characters and dioramas from the game, in the clay-mation style the entire game is set. There’s even a clay Meta Knight and King Dedede you can unlock! Speaking of those two, the amiibo power-ups actually come in handy, but only usable once per day!

So even though I’ve spent this long talking about all the crap in the game, I still finished it, feeling somewhat satisfied with the game. It’s trying something new-ish (yes, I know about Canvas Curse), and while it’s still a bit rough, it’s still charming as hell, and overall, fun to play… most of the time. If you’re not a Kirby fan, it might be worth waiting for this to come down a bit, but even then, it’s not a pricey game!

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