Even though most people expect the single player mode in a multiplayer focused shooter to be boring and by the numbers, Splatoon surprised not just me, but a lot of people with it’s well thought out, and simple design. How did they manage that? Well, read on! Hero mode, as it’s called, starts off with a brief introduction to the Inkling and Octarian war, from your new mentor, Captain Cuttlefish. The inking and swimming through ink fundamentals are still here, but in this mode, you can also upgrade your weapons and ink tank, making things much easier as you go along. Special weapons, like the Inkzooka, and Bubbler shield, are handed out to you in cans in levels when needed, as to not overwhelm the level design. Splatoon_1-720x405 Speaking of level design, the comparisons to Mario Galaxy aren’t too far off. Most levels will introduce and focus on a new element, for the game to quickly move onto the next level and mechanic. This is great in one way, because it means mechanics and level designs aren’t getting stupidly recycled. However, to make sure the game isn’t too cramped with features, the game is in turn quite short. I even feel like the game is set up to accommodate DLC in the future. The boss battles, however, are the true stars of Hero mode, with each boss battle expertly blending familiar enemy encounters, with techniques you pick up from normal level navigation and general skills. The first boss, for example, is a giant Octostamp, with inkable walls to climb. When it pounces at you, you climb the wall onto it’s back to find it’s weak spot. Each boss battle plays around with stuff like this, except for the final boss battle. I don’t want to spoil it for anyone, but that battle will keep you on your toes the entire time! paradiselostThe Sunken Scrolls add a huge amount of background to the world of Splatoon. Each one shows something cool behind some of the characters, or just some general lore between the war of the Inklings and Octarians. They also strongly hint that maybe the Inklings aren’t really the good guys here… All up, it’s a very satisfying single player mode in a game that most people bought for the multiplayer. It’ll teach you new things, open your eyes to the potential the new Splatoon franchise can go to, and it’s just quite simple fun. Next time, I’ll go in-depth on the multiplayer!

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