So here we are, 6 months later! This is a huge milestone for me- those who know me on some personal level know the depression and anxiety I’ve had to struggle with, which affected my ability to maintain interest and motivation in anything long enough to make something out of it. But six months later, I’m still updating, I’m still playing, and I’m still keen as hell to make Stew Review as awesome as I can!

This year has actually been amazing for games, with a lot of my weekly titles being new releases, on top of just being my backlog. Finishing a game for the week is an awesome feeling, and my new headspace has definitely helped with me being able to analyse games on a whole new level. I hope you guys have as much fun reading my thoughts as I do writing them!

The videos are a wholly different kettle of fish. My internet sucks so hard, that uploading as often and I’d like is just not possible. As soon as I find a solution, I will let you guys know! And feel free to suggest any games you’d like us to play!

And last but not least, a sincere thank you to absolutely everyone who has supported me and Stew Review so far. As a gesture of thanks, I’m gonna be giving away a Gold Mario amiibo this week! I’ll share the details on the Facebook page, so go over here to like the page and stay posted!

Here’s to 6 more months of Stew Review!

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