Game-a-Week has made this year feel simultaneously slow and fast. So many games came out this year I forgot about, and I’ve gone through way more than I normally would have. I’ve learned how to be more critical of games in my own way, and have found my own taste in what I enjoy in them. And man, I have a much broader taste than I thought!

This game had me curious, but my friend Will strongly urged me to get Undertale. He’s never steered me wrong with games before, so I went all YOLO and bought it as part of the Steam “Winter” Sale.

Next year is going to be a huge year for both Stew Review, and a new project I’m starting. Stay tuned on 1/1/16 for more info on that one! I haven’t 100% decided what Stew Review is going to become next year, but I have a general idea, going by feedback you guy have given me as it’s grown in the last year.

It’s nearly over! Bittersweet, isn’t it?

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