I know, it’s been too long since I last updated… but I’ve been brainstorming what to do this year, and it’s been hard! I really enjoyed making my way through a new game every week, but playing games that rapidly with the intention of finishing them… well, I wasn’t always enjoying it. I’m grateful I got to play some games and franchises I would have just left sitting on my shelf, like Bayonetta. Seriously, Bayonetta is awesome!

So, I want to play and finish more franchises, but I don’t want to limit myself to a weekly time constraint, especially now that I’m going to be studying this year. So, compromise? Just play a franchise, either ones completely fresh to me, or ones where I’ve play a few, but want to play more. And with all this Mother 3 release talk going on, I figured I’d make the time and play the first two! So, my first attempt at this new system is going to be the Earthbound/Mother series!

So, for all you unfamiliar (which included me up until a few minutes ago), the Earthbound series is known as the Mother series in Japan. In fact, until “Earthbound Beginnings” came out on the Wii U virtual console last year, it wasn’t even really a series in the west, with Earthbound on the SNES being our only exposure to the series. I’ve already played a tiny bit of Earthbound with Lachy from Venn Collective last year, which is on the Stew Review Youtube channel (follow me~).

While the game can be considered a JRPG, it also has it’s own very peculiar and unique features and staples. Stuff that I have trouble describing, but also details that have been adopted by the genre in a larger scale. The big indie game last year, Undertale, borrows heavily from the series. Which is probably why I want to play through it!

So that’s going to be my side project for Stew Review for now! Venn Collective is taking up a lot of my time,but I still want Stew Review to be about my own journey through gaming, and a place to brush up on my critical writing skills. However! Let me know if you want more Stew Review videos, and I may even be able to add the polls back in, if I have trouble picking what game to play in a franchise!

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