So with the Switch out, I now have a gigantic backlog of games to work through again… so what better way to work through it than to do another Game A Week!

This year I’m coming in with much more knowledge in being a game critic, time management, and even graphic design and video editing. So I’m hoping to make this year even bigger, with more involvement from everyone following this blog!

I am going to aim to do more video content on top of written reviews this year, and if I get my hands on better internet, even regular streams. I want to push myself towards new goals and skills, so keep the feedback coming!

If you want to vote on which game you want me to play next, head over to my Twitter and check the pinned post. If there’s a new release around the time I start a new week, I may skip the polls, but we’ll see how we go! For now, vote for the first game of 2018 here.

Leave a comment if you have any ideas or suggestions for me, otherwise I hope you’ll join me in 2018 for another, bigger Game A Week project!

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