I’m calling it a little early, but thank you to everyone who voted on Twitter for my first game of 2018! 59 votes all up, with 31% going towards the big ol’ JRPG!

I’ll be playing bits and pieces ahead of time, seeing as it’s such a gigantic game… But the first week of January 2018 will be nearly entirely Xenoblade Chronicles 2, with my thoughts going up as a review on the Sunday evening (I hope, at least).

The next poll will be going up on January 1st as well on Twitter, so make sure you’re following me to stay up to date! Otherwise, keep an eye on the Game A Week page here, or join my Discord to stay up to date! And check those links to the right to the right to follow me on Twitch and YouTube as well. Going to try make a lot of content this year!

If you have any suggestions for games I should play, head over to the Contact Me page and fill out the form. No guarantees that I will add it to my list, but I will at least read every suggestion and look into it!

Thank you to everyone who has supported my project this far, and I hope you’ll join me on my journey in gaming through 2018.

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