You voted for it- Axiom Verge will be my Game A Week #2! It beat out the likes of Metal Gear Solid V and some other things, I can’t remember.

All I really know about Axiom Verge, is that it’s a… *deep breaths* Metroidvania game, and that I’ve been told I should play it because I enjoyed the Metroid games I played last GAW so much. So, I finally bought it on Switch, and this week I aim to finish it!

I am also playing another game for review on, so stay tuned for that one this week. I reckon I can do two games in a week, what are you worried about?

If you want to vote for Game A Week #3, vote on the tweet below! It’s already had a head start, with Golf Story in a strong lead at the time of posting this. Voting ends this Friday at noon AEDT!

And in case you missed it, here’s the first impressions article for 2018, with Xenoblade Chronicles 2! And so the format is clear- Impressions are for games I didn’t complete, or feel I can review definitively, and Reviews will be for games I did finish, or I feel comfortable giving a solid conclusion on.

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