You voted for it- It’s Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest on the SNES!

I didn’t have many games on the SNES as a kid, with just Donkey Kong Country, Bubsy and Mario Paint. I always wanted to play the sequels to Donkey Kong Country, but games were pricy and getting harder to find (I was 1-2 generations of console behind). Then I suddenly upgraded from a SNES to the original Xbox, so any hope of that happening was dead!

Anyway, thanks to the magic of Virtual Console, I can finally give it a good go, as well as the third instalment sometime down the track. Who knows, if I enjoy this one enough, maybe I’ll just set the next free GAW slot to it!


There’s no poll for GAW #5, with Monster Hunter World already booked! I’ll be playing this with friends, so if you want to help me hunt, join my Discord and keep an ear out!

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