The first month of the year is over- how is Game A Week going so far?

Well so far… it’s a 50/50 split. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 was always going to be too big to finish in a week, but Axiom Verge was a much easier task to tackle.

Golf Story just wasn’t my cup of tea, despite trying my hardest to get into it. Which sucks, as it’s an Aussie dev with a game oozing with charm and fun. But part of this project was to narrow down my tastes a bit anyway, to filter out and really understand what it is about games that I do and don’t enjoy.

Diddy’s Kong Quest was brutal- in a good, retro gaming way! I’m looking forward to playing more of the Donkey Kong Country series in the near future.

GAW1Header-imp GAW2HeaderGAW3Header-imp GAW3Header

In the works is Monster Hunter World. I’ve already played a fair chunk of it, and I’m absolutely loving it. Expect the review next week!

Coming up in a fortnight after that, is Bayonetta! Both of them, actually! I really enjoyed my time with them on Wii U, so I’m keen to actually finish them and give my thoughts!

 Game-a-week5 Game-a-week8Game-a-week9

Other Reviews

switchicon Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch Screenshot 2018-01-11 17-06-41 Nintendo Switch Screenshot 2018-01-22 23-49-02
Nintendo Switch Screenshot 2018-01-28 22-53-37

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Here’s to a successful February!

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