First of all, thank you to everyone who supports the site just by reading my reviews, and interacting with me on Twitter and in my Discord. I’m really honoured that so many people enjoy what I do, which in turn makes me enjoy what I do!

I want to do more, however, and having a bit of financial support to make that happen can go a long way! Even just a small thing, like helping me get rid of ads and improving the look and feel of Stew Review is easily achievable!


All of the details on how you can support Stew Review are over on my new Patreon page! The more you donate, the bigger say you have in my Game A Week project, including straight up adding games you think I should play to my list! If you’re also a member of my Discord, you’ll get fancy colours on your name!

There’s absolutely no pressure to donate, I will still be continuing my reviews and project here. But every little bit helps, and will help me move into video and streaming content in the near future.

And be sure to check out this week’s update while you’re here!

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