Homer has eaten many donuts over the years. There is a distinct look to the donut that is iconic to The Simpsons, iconic enough for Krispy Kreme to release the limited edition D’ohnut. While it’s not the first time these donuts have been replicated, it’s the only occasion I can think of Australia being blessed with these sugary rings.


Luckily for Krispy Kreme, it’s not a hard design to replicate in the real world. Bright pink icing on top with large multi coloured sprinkles. To make it feel more limited edition, the box they come in reminds you that you’re eating Simpsons-branded food. You can get them in little single boxes, a four pack, or go all out with a dozen of D’ohnuts and plain glazed donuts.


So they captured the look, how do they taste? If you like glazed donuts and strawberry icing on top of that then you’ll love these. I’m not sure why they didn’t just put icing on an ordinary donut, as the glaze can be a little much if you’re not into very sweet. If you love Krispy Kreme donuts, you’ll likely love these. If you’re not a fan, these won’t change your mind. Regardless of the taste they’re a pretty cool Simpsons collectable that you will probably eat before they go stale.



One thought on “Snack Showcase: Krispy Kreme’s The Simpsons D’ohnuts

  1. After reading this review and being a fan of both Krispy Kreme and the Simpsons (in fact my message notification alert on my iPhone is Homer saying ‘MMMMM DONUTS’) I simply had to have one. So we risked life and limb today to battle the traffic in order to get to our closest Krispy Kreme.
    I was so bummed when I found out the local store (and all stores in Adelaide) have been bought out by one of our local Petrol Station Franchises and were refusing to sell the Limited Edition boxes, but living on the dark side the store had decided to make the Limited Edition Simpson Donuts anyway.
    Delish! I scoffed it in six mouthfuls. I am a fan of sweet donuts, so the extra glaze was quite nice and added to the silkiness of the overall explosion of flavours (namely sugar). I enjoyed the bright pink residue that was left on my fingers and although it initially stained, a quick wash with soap fixed this issue.
    Overall, this culinary delight will again be eaten soon as I devour the second one I purchased. If this was on their regular menu, I would be there all the time.

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