Energy drinks are an odd thing. They tend to have 2 types of flavours: weirdly medicinal, or fruity and good. This flavour, Passion (I assume passion fruit) is firmly in the second camp, which is a nice change from Mother’s original ginger-beer-but-not-quite-origins.


Unlike the berry and apple Mother flavours, the passion fruit flavour in this one is slightly off, and not very strong. It’s still incredibly sweet, but compared to things like Passiona or Pasito, it just doesn’t quite hit the spot for passion fruit. But in a pinch, if it’s your favourite flavour of soft drink, you’d still be winning by picking this up instead of any other flavours.


So in short, it’s serviceable. There are better passion fruit drinks out there if that’s what you’re after, but if you really wanna have passion fruit and too much caffeine at the same time, you at least have this option now. (Apple is still the best one)

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