Given there’s not as many Starbucks in Australia as there used to be,I have to get much closer to town to try whatever they have out at the time. I just happened to set foot inside a Starbucks and tried a Caramel Popcorn Pretzel Frappuccino. They also had Mocha Cookie Crumble that looked good, but the caramel with all the bells and whistles added on, I couldn’t resist.
When I envisioned what I’d be getting from the image, I dreamed of a mishmash of sickly sweet caramel, buttery and a little bit salty. What I got was an ordinary looking Frappuccino, with a heap of cream, two pieces of popcorn and three pretzels on top. There was a caramel topping drizzled over the top. The topping had a mild buttery and salty flavour. Thankfully it didn’t go overboard with the flavours. Most of the topping ended up on the popcorn, so it never got a real chance to mingle in with the greater Frappuccino.
The popcorn and pretzels were nice although it is hard to screw them up. I wasn’t sure what I was expecting given the name, I guess what I envisioned was too ambitious and a real potential choking hazard with bits of popcorn and pretzel through the drink too. What I did get was nicer anyways, a good caramel Frappuccino. It wasn’t overpoweringly sweet which is always a risk with caramel.
If you’re lucky enough to be near a Starbucks while they’re still on the menu, it’s definitely worth a go if you’re a fan of Caramel drinks.


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