I’ll admit that I don’t know much about Formula 1 racing, or any racing at all, for that matter. So you must understand that when I decided to buy the limited edition Lewis Hamilton-inspired Monster Energy drink, it was not because I was interested in the sport — nor did I even know who Lewis Hamilton was — but because I thought the textured can design was interesting.

As Troy has said before, energy drinks tend to fall into one of two categories: weirdly medicinal, or fruity and good. There is, however, a third flavour, almost exclusively reserved for limited edition drinks: vaguely citrussy but tasting of nothing in particular. I’m happy to say, however, that despite my expectations of a citrussy mess, the Lewis Hamilton Monster falls into none of the above categories, and instead aims for something not often seen in drinks of any kind, let alone energy drinks: grape flavour.


Of course, grape flavouring is very distinctly different from what grapes themselves actually taste like, and this drink is no different. It’s got a tart, almost alcoholic fruitiness to it, with vague hints of chemical sweetener in the aftertaste. It’s a flavour that anyone who’s had a grape-flavoured Slurpee will instantly recognise, and it’s a flavour I very much enjoy. That said, I’m not sure why this Lewis Hamilton-inspired energy drink has a grape flavour; does Lewis Hamilton have a vineyard? Is grape his favourite fruit? Maybe he’s just a fan of grape Slurpees. I’m sure a short googling session could bring the answer, but I think I’m happier not knowing.

This limited edition curiosity won’t be around forever, but if you’re a fan of artificial grape flavouring, the Lewis Hamilton Monster is for you. It won’t be to everyone’s tastes — grape tends to be one of the more polarising flavours — but if you’re on the fence, give it a go while you still can.

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