I never quite understood what people saw in Cadbury Creme eggs. They apparently sell really well, with plenty of people singing their praises. Then I wondered that maybe I wasn’t consuming them the right way. At room temperature, they were just a sugary mess that never felt like the hyped up creme yolk. When cooled down it solidifies the inside, and it tasted kind of like a chocolate egg with some caramel inside. So I wouldn’t say I have fond memories for these goo-filled chocolate eggs, but I’m a sucker for limited edition food and drink.
Looking at the container it didn’t look the most enticing, with that yolk substance oozing out of the icecream. Upon opening I was greeted by half vanilla and half chocolate icecream, with the barest hint of creme egg filling. The chocolate icecream tasted how you’d expect, but the vanilla was a nice surprise with chocolate bits throughout it. A spoon or two in and I hit a vein of yolk. Even with the icecream being frozen the yolk was still soft. My initial mistake was to get a whole heap of the yolk and barely any icecream on a spoon. The creme egg sauce contains ingredients including butter and condensed milk, so by itself it is potent stuff!
When I recovered, I tried the sauce again with a much more generous ratio of icecream and it was much better. The sauce was still pretty sweet but the milder flavours of the vanilla and chocolate kept it in line. I can safely say I enjoy the icecream way more than I enjoy the actual eggs. The yolks unyielding sweetness combined with sweet chocolate was more than I could stand for. With the sweet yolk reined in by icecream it’s much more tolerable.
Overall it’s still quite sugary and when you hit a rich pocket of creme sauce you might start letting your loved ones know you love them as you conduct your last will and testament. But fortunately within the tub there is more than enough icecream to dilute that yellowy ooze.
If you hate Creme Eggs this wont change your mind. if you’re on the fence, I would recommend this over the real eggs. The chocolate bits used throughout are pretty nice too.
The biggest barrier to entry to the creme egg icecream is the price. $7 is quite steep, but they do go on sale often enough to keep you stocked up until they vanish from shelves.

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