While perusing the random foreign food shelf in the convenience store at uni, I saw what looked like chocolate flavoured Pocky sticks coated in white chocolate, so I bought a box.

Pocky Choc Cream Cheese

Like the Mango Pocky I reviewed a little while ago, these are shorter, chunkier sticks than the standard Pocky. I think they were cheaper though, like $4.50 or thereabouts.

Once I was on the train home from uni, I tore open the box and eagerly started stuffing my face with what I thought were essentially Cadbury Top Deck flavoured Pocky sticks. However I learned very quickly that the pale coating on these sticks was not white chocolate but cream-cheese based. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love cream cheese on toast and savoury crackers, but I have never liked cheesecake, or been a fan of putting anything cheese-related near anything sweet.

While I can’t say these cream cheese Pocky sticks changed my mind, they did grow on me by the time I’d gutsed the whole box. Then again, I was starving after not eating anything all day, so I’m not sure I would have eaten the whole box if I’d had a muesli bar or something else in my bag to sate the raging beast of my hunger instead. The cream cheese coating does have some sort of sweeteners added so it’s not as overpoweringly ‘cheesy’ as it could have been. That being said, making the sticks chocolate flavoured instead of the usual plain ones seems like a wasted effort, as it was still completely overpowered by the cream cheese flavour.

Overall, unless you really like cream cheese and also enjoy cheesecake and other similar desserts, I would give these a miss.

gamedragon86 is a PhD student from Melbourne, Australia. When she’s not busy eating random crap for this site, she also reviews video games and does art supply reviews and demonstrations.

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