There is no shortage of variety in energy drinks. It is getting hard to tell what are limited editions, and what are just changes in packaging. One of the harder to find energy drinks I have come across lately is the Watermelon Freeze Rockstar.
I was quite keen to try this. Too often I find the flavours of energy drinks are either acidic Citrus, or non-descript berry flavouring. You may find the odd other flavour that make for a nice change (V Bling I’m looking at you). Watermelon is also a flavour that isn’t easy to get right, and most of the time it’s ‘sour watermelon’ which is usually code for ‘mostly sour’. I had been pre-warned that the drink was sour, and drinking this energy-giving beverage quickly confirmed that warning.
What I did not expect was that I would like it. After the initial ‘energy drink sourness/acidity/tartness’ the watermelon flavour was fairly decent. If you don’t do sour or tart drinks then Watermelon Freeze Rockstar will not interest you. If you’re looking for a watermelon flavoured energy drink (a very specific thing to want), then it is definitely worth a try. It doesn’t hurt that the drink is also the right shade of pink that it looks like it can double as the river of slime from Ghostbusters 2. It’s purely only similar in appearance as further tests showed that there was no supernatural activity emanating from the liquid when around negative or positive emotions.

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