Store exclusives flavours suck. It’s bad enough when it’s between Woolworths and Coles, but so much worse when it’s somewhere less common. The Lime Spider Oak is a 7-Eleve exclusive, which means if you’re not living in a CBD you may have to go to a bit of effort to get your hands on this one.


While it is called Lime Spider, the box also states it is Lime and Vanilla flavoured. Both descriptions work . The drink is a very similar colour to the milk Luke Skywalker milks out of the space walrus cow in The Last Jedi.

So how does it taste? The Lime is pretty understated with the vanilla very prominent. If it were just Lime flavoured this would be an issue. With the vanilla, it gives it that ‘someone’s put a scoop of vanilla ice-cream in my drink’ aspect to it, and justified the Lime Spider name. At the very least, it tastes like a Lime milkshake where the server showed restraint on the Lime topping.


The Lime Spider Oak is worth picking up for fans of Lime drinks, especially Lime milkshakes. The flavour is not too sweet. When you put it in a bottle, you can pretend you are Luke Skywalker living as a Jedi hermit living off walrus cow milk.


There is a strange thing that happened with the last few cartons of Lime Spider I consumed that I feel is worth a mention. The squeeze to open part failed to open properly, and this is not me being too incompetent to open up a carton. The end would open, but leave a thin layer of the container there, which needs to be opened. The end result is difficult to drink from the carton. This happened to me three times, so be warned!

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