Stumbling around campus at uni, sleep deprived thanks to a crying puppy keeping me awake all night, I found one of the new little kiosks that sells drinks and sandwiches. I noticed they had a new variety of V Energy drink, which I love (horrendous donuts aside), so I figured I could kill two birds with one stone; experiment with a new snack for Stew Review, and hopefully prevent myself from falling asleep halfway through my staff meeting.

V Energy Deadpool 2

The red can made me hope against all hope that it was the Berry flavoured V returning from the grave (I still haven’t forgiven them for discontinuing this, or the Not Orange one). Sadly, that was not the case.

I often find the promotional V flavours (ie. the one that tie into superhero movies) to be mediocre at best and downright awful at worst. Happily, the Deadpool 2 flavour bucks that trend. It’s hard to describe exactly what the flavour is, but I think the best I can do is to say it’s kind of a cross between citrus and berry, with a good helping of sherbet. It’s sweet and just a bit tangy, and it might just be one of my favourite flavours of V so far.

If you come across these in the wild, definitely grab a few cans before it gets discontinued as well.

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