Whew, what a week last week was! Tropical Freeze, Celeste, and Hellblade are all completed, with reviews coming soon! Owlboy and Oxenfree are next, as I try catch up with everything I’ve fallen behind on.

But on top of all that, God of War! Thanks to Paul for lending me his copy for me to play, fingers crossed I can get it all done in a week on top of everything else!

After the Norse mythology influences in Senua’s Sacrifice, I am very keen to jump back into that world. While I’ve only played and finished maybe 3-4 of the original Greek mythology games in the God of War series (never got to finish 3…) I’m still keen to see everyone’s favourite Spartan tear apart Norse gods with his bare hands.

In case you somehow missed it, I now stream at least twice a week, aiming for 3 times when I can! You can follow me here, and I’ll be asking for input on Twitter about which games you’d like to watch me play. Should be able to set up God of War if you all want!

And as usual, the poll for next week is live!

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