After doing battle with the Donut King V Energy doughnut last month, I was somewhat hesitant to try the Deadpool 2 edition. In the end, my cursed curiosity got the better of me and I ended up buying one today.

V Energy Deadpool 2 Donut

This one has red sugary sprinkles on it instead of green like the standard one, so I was hoping that this would mean the filling inside was a different flavour as well. I wasn’t sure what flavour (since the Deadpool 2 V energy drink has a kind of citrusy-berry taste), but even something vaguely berry-ish would have been okay. I bit into the doughnut, my heart filled with hope for a delicious red filling… only to find that the V Energy Deadpool 2 doughnut has the same lemon-lime-esque sludge in it as the original V doughnut. What I thought was red ‘jam’ was in fact just the green gunk with lots of the red sugar stuck to it. If it seems like this is a short review, that’s because it is: it’s basically just the same doughnut but with a different skin (at least I didn’t have to buy a lootbox to get it), so you might as well just read my review for the original V doughnut (tl;dr: don’t buy one).

gamedragon86 is a PhD student from Melbourne, Australia. When she’s not busy eating random crap for this site, she also reviews video games and does art supply reviews and demonstrations.

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