When I’m marking assignments or working on my thesis, I like to have some snacks nearby that I can idly stuff my face with while I’m concentrating. I’m usually a chocoholic, but sometimes I want something savoury, so when I saw these Red Rock Deli Coated Peanuts, I decided to try some.

Red Rock Deli Coated Peanuts

As well as the Red Pepper & Roast Garlic bag I got, you can also get Sweet Honey & Sea Salt or Sweet Chili & Basil. I’ve tried all three flavours, but Red Pepper & Roast Garlic is by far my favourite. Still, while I’m here, I might as well do mini reviews of the other flavours…

Sweet Honey & Sea Salt: The mildest of the three flavours, these peanuts have a nice honey-flavoured coating. I don’t know how much sea salt’s in there but it’s not as sickly sweet as I was expecting. However it is still sweet enough to put it right on that borderline between sweet and savoury, so if you really want something savoury, go for one of the flavours; otherwise, if you’re a sweet tooth, this is the flavour for you. They’re also ‘Roasted’ rather than ‘Coated’, but on the whole they seem similar in appearance to the other flavours.

Sweet Chili & Basil: These are the ‘mid-range’ peanuts in terms of spiciness. The chili does have a little tang to it, but it’s not really hot at all. I’m not a huge fan of basil in anything so I was indifferent towards these.

Red Pepper & Roast Garlic: Often when you buy potato chips or other savoury snacks that are meant to be hot or spicy, they really aren’t. That’s not the case here, as the Red Pepper & Roast Garlic peanuts definitely pack a punch. I love spicy food so much I could probably eat the sun and not bat an eyelid so I quite enjoyed them, but if you have an aversion to overly spicy foods, you might want to avoid these. That said, these snacks are really moreish, and nearly every time I buy a packet, I find myself polishing off the whole lot before too long.

The construction of these peanuts is the same regardless of which flavour you get; they’re basically just standard peanuts with a thin, crispy coating, though the honey and sea salt ones look like they were marinated rather than coated. They’re a good snack to have if you like to graze here and there, and most people should find at least one flavour they like in the range. They are often on special at most supermarkets, so I’d recommend trying a packet if you see them on sale.

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