As I loved the Deadpool 2 limited edition V energy drink, I was disappointed to discover recently that it appears to have been discontinued. It makes sense, I suppose, since its namesake film has recently come out on DVD so its marketing will soon have run its course, but I was still sad that it’s becoming harder and harder to find in shops. I was also wondering what limited edition flavour would be brought in to replace it. That turned out to be the Tortured Orchard edition.

V Energy Tortured Orchard

The fact that I have one of the large 500ml cans in the picture should tell you how much I like this drink. Funnily enough, the description I gave for the Deadpool 2 V’s flavour would be quite apt for this one as well: “kind of a cross between citrus and berry, with a good helping of sherbet”. That being said, the Deadpool 2 V is less sweet and more tangy, whereas this one is just sweet. It does taste similar to raspberry lemonade you get at the pub, though less overpowering.

At the end of the day, I’m happy that the successor to the last limited edition V is another winner, and I hope it stays around for a while longer.

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