Hello readers, I am going to blog about Pokémon. You do stuff, and you learn about animals. You can ride them in Pokémon Sun and Moon. My favourite is Sharpedo. My second favourite is Charizard.


They are good to ride around with because Sharpedo can ride on water and you can’t really do that often in games. Charizard can fly you to any place you want when you are on a different island. In Pokemon Sun, there are no gym leaders, but there are stone keepers. Gym leaders are people you battle, and they use one type of Pokemon to do battle. If you win a battle with a gym leader, you get a badge.

Williams Charizard

If you win a battle against a stone keeper, you get a stone as the prize. There are electric stones, flying type, water type, fire type, mystic type, ghost type and a lot more types of stones. If you beat all the stone leaders or gym leaders, you get to go to the league or the elite 4. The league is the place where the best people go to fight other contestants and be the greatest Pokemon trainer in the world.

Written by (and Charizard drawn by) William – Age 7

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