Oh boy, it’s definitely summer in Australia right now… well, the best thing to cool down is a nice cool beverage! We’ve got a variety of energy drinks, flavoured milks, and a cultural icon of a soft drink to recommend to you below! Just don’t forget the ice cubes, and still keep hydrated!

Do you have a favourite drink for gaming, chilling, or surviving summer? Be sure to drop a comment and let us know!


I was very, very sceptical about a product like this marketed towards ‘gamers’. But it popped up on my Twitter feed one day, and I was curious about trying an energy drink that didn’t make me feel like crap. I bought a tub of the watermelon flavour to try out, and to sound like a giant cliche, I noticed a big difference right away. An actual boost in energy that didn’t end with a sugar crash and a headache. While the marketing could still use a bit of work, G Fuel is a product that works for me, despite my instinct telling me it would be snake oil.


It’s hard to describe what Sno-Drop tastes like, for those who haven’t tried it. It’s a little like sarsaparilla, a little like creaming soda, with just a hint of vanilla aftertaste. For me though, it tastes like home. Sno-Drop is a uniquely South Australian drink, and though it’s expanded from its humble beginnings in 2018 into Victoria and Tasmania, it will always remind me of the Christmases I spent with my family in Adelaide. There’s just something about it that puts a smile on my face — sure, it might be too sweet, or have a flavour that’s a little too ill-defined. But, like anything with a cartoon penguin on the front, it’s probably made for kids. And there’s a part of me that’s still a kid.


From the review: “The Lime is pretty understated with the vanilla very prominent. If it were just Lime flavoured this would be an issue. With the vanilla, it gives it that ‘someone’s put a scoop of vanilla ice-cream in my drink’ aspect to it, and justified the Lime Spider name. At the very least, it tastes like a Lime milkshake where the server showed restraint on the Lime topping.

The Lime Spider Oak is worth picking up for fans of Lime drinks, especially Lime milkshakes. The flavour is not too sweet. When you put it in a bottle, you can pretend you are Luke Skywalker living as a Jedi hermit living off walrus cow milk.”

Click here to read the full review!


I reviewed this a few months ago on Stew Review and I still love it now as much as I did then. The wonderful citrusy-berry flavour is a refreshing pick-me-up on a summer day, with that caffeine hit helping me get through many rounds of assignment marking and thesis chapter revision. You can still get it in stores but since another new flavour has appeared in 7-Eleven (which I’ll try to review shortly), Tortured Orchard may be on its way out.


It looks like this, with the colours in the background. This is the only pic we could find!

Neapolitan Milk. Farmdale RAM Neapolitan Milk. The only place I’ve ever seen this for sale is ALDI, and not even every ALDI. Maybe only the ALDI in Victoria? Don’t know, don’t care- it’s delightful. Like, have you ever made ice cream soup out of vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry icecream, and then drank it? It’s the exact same taste experience. Ten outta ten. Drown me in this stuff. Heck.


Water hydrates and gives me life. It waters my crops and clears my skin. Stay hydrated in hot weather my dudes.

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