Snacks! You can try deny it, but nobody will believe you- we all get a bit peckish sometimes, and we all have a weapon of choice for dealing with the urge. Sweet, savoury, or even the spicy-to-the-point-of-disaster. That’s totally a real type of snack.

In fact, be warned when you get to Skye’s post- there’s a dark side to snacking, so be sure to take it all in with moderation, and have some fruit every now and then. Please. We’re worried about you.

And as always, drop a comment below of your favourite go-to snack! Tomorrow’s post is the last of our 2018 round up: Our Favourite Music!


I have two go-to choices when it comes to something savoury to snack on: corn chips, or uh… savoury biscuits? I’m not sure on the scientific classification, but things like Shapes. Then one day, I strut into Woolworths, to find that playing god has paid off in the form of Doritos Crackers. Each flavour is nice, but I’ll always come back to Cheese Supreme. Having that classic, but not overpowering cheese flavour (unlike CC’s…) mixed with the texture and crunch of a small baked-not-fried biscuit is bliss, and I hope these stay around for a while longer.


This is a late entry given it is days away from 2019, but one of the top (limited edition?) snack foods I’ve had this year has very quickly become Vegemite and Cheese Shapes. A full review will be up sometime soon to go into more detail, but here’s a sneak peak!

Vegemite is often a divisive spread, it tastes weird especially when you use too much. After trying plenty of Vegemite limited edition foods it has usually been some kind of food crime, most notable being cadbury chocolate blocks with Vegemite filling and meat pies also containing the tar like substance. These Shapes buck the trend and while the biscuit itself is more like their’ Shapes ‘lite’, the flavour could easily compete with the Shapes Pantheon (BBQ, Chicken Crimpies, Bacon & Cheese and Pizza). They don’t taste too strongly of Vegemite, which might be thanks to the cheese flavouring. They also are very ‘moreish’ which is not what you generally find with something Vegemite flavoured. They aren’t super widely available (but they will very soon), but they were a highlight for a limited edition snack and it would also be the biggest good snack surprise of 2018.


Swiss chocolate nearly always seems to taste better than any other chocolate, and Frey chocolate is no exception. Available only at Woolworths (at least in Australia), Frey’s Milk Cranberry Chocolate is a reasonably priced block that comes in a number of flavours, but my favourite is Milk Cranberry. With tiny crunchy cranberry pieces, it’s sweet and smooth without being overpowering.


I loooove spicy food. I love it. I think I love it a little too much, actually. If you’re a close friend of mine, there’s a good chance you’ve seen me torture myself because of my lack of restraint for the most beautiful taste this world has ever created. I’ve cried so many tears and have produced a stupid amount of sweat (I sweat super easily enough without spice) and have destroyed my voice screaming because of spice, but Buldak Bokkeum Myun has probably given me my favourite story to tell about my adventures in death.

The thing is, I can actually handle spice really well! Is it because I’m Asian? Maybe! I don’t know! Either way, I’m certain that I’m better than most of my friends when it comes to it. I think knowing that even gives me this weird, dumb sense of pride? Anyway, Buldak Bokkeum Myun is one of my favourite types of instant noodles ever, and it takes every bone in my body not to buy it on a regular basis.

“Why not, you coward?” you might be asking. First off, it kinda has a lot of carbs. Like 80-90 grams of it. Bonkers! Did you know I only discovered what carbs are early this year? You can thank my friend Sarah for that. She’s the best. Secondly, it gave me the worst health scare in my life and I cannot believe that a stupid pack of noodles managed to do that.

Content warning, by the way! It might be a bit TMI from here on out. I will definitely talk about poo. It’s kinda gross. Not GROSS gross, but gross to an extent. I’d recommend backing out now if you’re bothered by reading about that kind of thing.

So I was already kinda constipated before this whole situation happened. I could produce like… tiny stools, but that was pretty much about it. It sucked. Constipation sucks! I’ve struggled with it for as long as I can remember, and I should’ve kept that in mind before what I decided to do next. Right, so like, I usually buy Buldak Bokkeum Myun in single packs and have a great time. It’s really spicy and I sweat a bunch, but it’s never been like – ridiculous for me. I know lots of people have eaten it as a challenge which is super adorable, but it’s sadly not too crazy for my palette.

One day, I was like “you know what? I’m gonna buy a five-pack! That’s a good idea!” (it was not a good idea)

It wasn’t the first time I bought a five-pack, so I treated things normally, but I was careless enough not to consider that my body wasn’t happy at the time, and that eating something that would literally burn and damage my stomach wasn’t such a smart idea. So I ate my first pack that day. The following day, another. After the fourth day of eating it daily, it hit me. I haven’t taken a number two in like four days.

I wound up being fully constipated for almost like two weeks, and if it wasn’t for a butt load of laxatives, metamucil and coffee, then I wouldn’t have come out from the other end (like the poo from my colon). Those two weeks were hell, though. I still ate the last pack as soon as I was on the road to recovery, so I… don’t think I managed to learn my lesson.

To wrap this up, in short – Buldak Bokkeum Myun has been my favourite snack of 2018. My local Woolworths has them now, too. There is so much power in my hands. Thank you for reading

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