G Fuel just suddenly showed up in my Twitter feed one day, with a strong “FOR GAMERS BY GAMERS” vibe overriding an actually good idea. Maybe it was the colours that drew me in at first, but as soon as I read their promise of an energy drink with no sugar, and a healthier approach to perking you up, I was filled with as much scepticism as optimism.

I was heavy into iced coffee and energy drinks at the time, with a 9 to 5 schedule clashing with a lot of late night gaming and browsing the net. After a bit of reading and research, I ordered a tub of watermelon flavoured G Fuel with the hope of avoiding the void of sugar based energy.

To sum up my understanding of G Fuel, it’s basically a powder based energy drink mix that uses a bit of caffeine to kick in the energy, and a variety of vitamins and more natural ingredients to maintain that energy, without sugar being a part of the equation at all. There’s still artificial sweetener, so don’t chug this stuff and act surprised when you destroy a toilet during lunch time, that laxative effect is real… I heard.

And it’s with great pleasure I can say that the effect promised is what I experienced. A bottle/cup G Fuel in the morning perked me up, and it wasn’t followed by the usual headache and craving for another drink. I could actually concentrate, and maintain it for much longer. And while that energy boost is a big part of the promise, the different flavours were actually a big appeal for me.

Watermelon was the first tub I ordered, with the flavour being one of my all time favourites- both the fruit and anything with artificial watermelon flavour. And I’m happy to report that the watermelon is exactly what I expected and hoped for. It’s absolutely amazing with ice, which makes me wish I saved some for summer. I can recommend this as a safe start if you want to jump right in with a tub.

Sour Cherry was in the second lot of tubs I ordered, with cherry being another favourite fruity flavour of mine. And while it’s definitely cherry, it’s a lot milder than any cherry flavoured lolly I’ve had. I still enjoyed it, but the colder you make this flavour, the less taste you get out of it. Can’t say I recommend this one, unless you’re desperate for cherry.

Green Apple is the other flavour I ordered in the second lot, and… it’s very apple. Almost to a fault. This one was an acquired taste for me, as artificial apple can be very hit or miss for me, and this was leaning more to the ‘miss’ for how strong it is. It’s good, I rate it slightly higher than Sour Cherry, but eh…

I also ordered a few sample packets with a new shaker cup, and while I haven’t spent as much time with the flavours, I still wanted to quickly go through a quick impression of each:

Cherry Limeade:

Now this is what Sour Cherry should have been. Recommend.

Fruit Punch:

Nothing special, but a great fruity flavour. Recommend.


Same as above, but much more berry. Also recommend.

Tropical Rain:

Much more of a tropical, pineappley type of fruity. It actually tasted like straight up juice to me, which was very surprising. Highly recommend.

Rainbow Sherbet:

I mixed this one with milk instead of water, and holy crap, that slight sour tang with the icecreamy flavour is amazing. I’d love to get a tub, but I think this would go through a lot of milk- can’t see it working with water at all. Sort of recommend, because of the milk.

Strawberry Shortcake:

Same as Rainbow Sherbet, this is a flavour that works so well with milk. Basically strawberry milk, so if you’re a fan of that, that’s exactly what this is. Sort of recommend (also because of the milk)

Golden Apple Pear:

Artificial pear just always tastes wrong to me, and the strong green apple flavour with it was just too much. Avoid.

So while I’d love to outright say “Yes! It works as promised and it tastes great!”, I’d feel bad for not bringing up one major gripe I have with the brand. While anything marketed towards the ‘gamer’ demographic has a certain pretentious cringe tied to it, there’s a concern I have with the promotional partners G Fuel, or rather Gamma Labs, pick for their new flavours and campaigns.

When I ordered my first tub, I was met with cross-over flavours for Dr Disrespect and Keemstar. Pewdiepie currently has a promotion going with them at the moment, though it doesn’t seem as full on as a full flavour, or even a themed shaker cup. All of these content creators have a bit of notoriety, but it wasn’t really enough to turn me off the entire brand- just the flavours they’re associated with.

But after a bit of research into a few other promotional partners, I found out that one shaker cup was promoted using a rapper called Riff Raff, a rapper who has multiple rape accusations against him at the moment. While there’s no definitive result to these accusations at the time of writing, it does appear that the bar is set pretty low for the brand and its associated promotional partners.

So yeah, G Fuel is a good product. It works, there’s a ton of flavours to try, but the marketing has me feeling guilty about enjoying it sometimes. There are a multitude of positive gaming icons out there to associate with, instead of picking many controversial figures. So I can recommend the product on its own merits, but- not to muddle phrases- don’t drink the cool aid of the marketing.

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