Ah Vegemite, one of Australia’s most ‘iconic’ foods. Try getting more than a few sentences into a conversation with an Aussie without at least one party bringing up the famous spread (it’ll be the Aussie). Over the years there has been no shortage of limited edition Vegemite flavoured foods; chips, bagel chips, in-a-biscuits, blocks of chocolate and meat pies. Go to the right pizza place and you’ll even be able to get it on a pizza, too. I’m sure I’ve left some foods out, and some of the ones listed I can only hope have been locked up in the vaults of their respective companies, never to see the light of day again.

To bring in the new year and get 2019 off to a good start (which has already gone off to a somewhat rockyr start), Australia was given the Vegemite and Cheese Shape. Honestly having a flavour like this in ‘Shapes’ form seems like a no brainer. It worked for in-a-biscuit, and from what I remember the Smiths Chips weren’t bad either. When it comes to limited edition flavours for Shapes they can really miss the mark, or just make an uninspired version of the BBQ or Pizza Shapes. Vegemite & Cheese Shapes have set a high standard for limited edition flavours in 2019 with a really good biscuit.

Now this is likely to be a decisive as the tar-like spread itself. If you don’t like Vegemite this isn’t likely to change your mind, although this is one of the more harmless ways to dip your toe in the Vegemite pool to see if it’s the right time to jump in. What likely saves this Australia-shaped biscuit is that it isn’t just the saltiness of Vegemite. It’s Vegemite and Cheese, and it’s this ‘& Cheese’ that helps soften the harsh salty overload (trust me, this could’ve been worded way worse). The cheese flavouring is quite faint, and is pretty much there to make the Vegemite more palatable. The rest of the flavour is unmistakably Vegemite, maybe not like you were having a nice piece of toast with a rational amount of the stuff on it, but it’s there. What makes this a good biscuit is that it’s the perfect balance of Vegemite and cheese, if it was too much I wouldn’t have easily eaten my way through half a box while writing this. These Shapes are easy on the taste buds, if people had these as their introduction to Vegemite maybe it would have a much better reputation.

Wait a minute, I’m not done yet! What about the biscuit itself? One look at the box and you’ll see that they have turned these into the most patriotic of Shapes, shaped like Australia minus Tasmania (maybe imagine they’re the broken off bits at the bottom of the box – though the Arnott’s website has a more disappointing reason why). These biscuits seem a little bigger than the usual Shapes, and they taste/feel like they use similar biscuits to the ones used in the ‘diet’ versions of Shapes. I could be wrong but they do feel thinner than say a Chicken Crimpy or a BBQ Shape. Maybe to make them bigger they have to stretch out the usual amount. It’s not an issue in any way and without extensive Shapes research they might not even be that different.

If there was any negative to this mighty biscuit, it would be that the flavouring sticks to the fingers too easily. And with it almost being like Vegemite, it feels like accidentally touching anything while eating these Shapes will stain them. As a safety precaution, maybe serve up each person’s rations into separate bowls so no grubby people are licking their fingers clean and getting them all over your snacks.

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