Has your January been spent fixated on some new, amazing release you can’t stop thinking about? A classic that’s been in your to-do pile for years? An accidental discovery while on a detour down the snacks aisle at Woolies?

Well, we want to hear about it! Why not share your current obsession with a small slice of the internet, and maybe get up to $30 online credit for it? That’s right- we’re going to be giving away card (up to $30 value) for a platform of your choosing! Nintendo, Xbox, Playstation, maybe even iTunes or something else we haven’t even considered?

How to win? Well, fill out the form below with 50-100 words about your favourite January “thing”. It can be a game, TV show or movie, an album or soundtrack, or even a great snack you discovered. As long as it fits within one of the 5 main subjects we cover on the site! And no, it’s not restricted to stuff that came out in January- just something you’ve discovered and have been enjoying recently.

We will pick our favourite entries to post on 2/2/2019, with one of the selected entries being randomly chosen as the winner of the $30 card.

A few conditions: Competition is open to Australian residents over 13 years of age only. Winners will be contacted via email before the post goes live. We will give 5 days for you to respond before selecting a new winner. We reserve the right to reject any entries at our discretion. We will provide a code for up to $30 credit, depending on what is widely available (eg. Xbox have $25 cards)

And lastly- right now this is open to everyone! We’re planning on doing this every month, but making it available to Patreon supporters only. If you’d like to get a drop on that right now, head here and check us out! Anything helps us keep the site running, and the bigger the support, the bigger the content!

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