First of all, a big thanks to everyone that entered! We’re glad to have a community keen to participate in what we’re trying to do- spread a passion for games and other media. The team here have already shared their faves, but we also asked you to share yours- with a neat little prize on the line to sweeten the deal.

And the prize goes to: Samuel A! We’ve sent the email out to confirm, with the prize to be given out soon. If you didn’t win this time, don’t fret! We’re going to be doing one of these every month, hopefully with a bit of variety soon! But that’s enough about winning, let’s take a look in what you all spent January excited about!

Samuel A.

It has to be spending all of my money that I got as Christmas Gifts. Managed to buy some real awesome retro games and books about studying Japanese. Also managed to score an imported Japanese Nintendo 64 + 5 games for real cheap and one of those games was Kirby 64. So it is nice to finally be able to enjoy that game the way it is supposed to be played.

Sam S.

I had been waiting for this game since Devolver first revealed it last year and has sufficiently delivered in its state of gameplay and story telling. The humour in the game is absurd sort of thing that is continuously surprising and is almost like an internal set of memes.

Jamie P.

I have been playing Super Smash Bros Ultimate since it’s release and this month I have been really enjoying the World of Light mode. I’m not going to go into spoilers but towards the end of the game I found myself using a particularly iconic smash character in one of the final fights and that was a heap of fun. Then traversing the area to get to the very final boss was epic and kept me on my toes. I nearly defeated it without losing a single character! I found it very fitting that the final blow on the boss was done by Kirby as he had started the adventure all by himself. Now I just have to go back and pick up the remaining spirits. Rayman I’m coming for you!

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