Mother has always been one of my preferred energy drinks, all the way back since it tasted like ginger ale. Their new branding aligns itself well with bringing new colours and flavours that stand out while being recognisable as Mother. And oddly enough, when I saw that orange can sitting on the top shelf at my local supermarket, I had to fight a strong urge to pick it up.

Obviously I eventually lost, or this would be one hell of a deceitful review. And after pouring the orange fizzy drink into a glass with ice, I can confidently report that Tropical Blast is just not that interesting. It’s not bad, but it doesn’t taste like anything in particular. Definitely fruity, but… what kind of fruit is that? It just was, which in the cut throat world of energy drinks, isn’t enough to me to pick it over many other wild flavours.

Despite being tropical, nothing along the lines of pineapple or mango stood out to me, my go-to tropical flavours. It was almost like something trying to be orange flavour and settling for ‘close enough’. Even sadder is the fact this seems to have replaced their green apple flavour at my local supermarket, a flavour we don’t see often enough. So basically, Tropical Blast Mother is just aggressively mediocre, and I can’t recommend it.

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