Whenever I see Doritos bring out a new flavour, I am all over it. I much prefer corn chips over everything else, and as most of the flavours are cheese based, it’s a perfect fit for my Dutch heritage. So seeing Jalapeño Popper flavoured Doritos next to sticky wings Doritos, well it’s no mystery which one I picked.

If you haven’t had a jalapeño popper before, it’s basically a spicy pepper with cream cheese in the inside, and a crumb coating on the outside- in my experience at least, not sure if I had a specific variation. I absolutely love them, so I was super keen for these chips. And while that flavour is definitely there, it’s mild enough to be overwhelmed by the actual pure salt on the chip.

It’s still spicy, though, so having a salty and spicy chip with a mellow cheese aftertaste is still pretty good. Sadly, I think the target market for corn chips that just cause pain is pretty small, so I really hope the next time they try anything like this again, the flavour is a bit stronger. That said, a bag of these makes a mean lot of nachos!

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