It’s been a while, but I’m back with another energy drink review. The convenience store next to my university always seems to be the first to get new flavours of V Energy in, so I always keep an eye out whenever I duck in there for a snack between classes. While teaching the summer semester I went in and immediately saw the new red can in the fridge. At first glance my heart soared, as I was thinking it was the return of my dearly beloved and long since discontinued Berry V (RIP), but it was actually a new flavour called Summer Jam.

V Energy Summer Jam

It was a high 30-something degree day, and I was facing the prospect of teaching three classes in a row without a break, so I bought two cans of Summer Jam and promptly started guzzling one.

I have to admit, I expected it to taste like the old Berry V, but it didn’t. While that one had a kind of vague berry flavour in general – not like any particular type of berry – Summer Jam has a decidedly strawberry taste. My first impression was that it was too sickly sweet, but by the time I’d finished the can, it had grown on me. I still don’t think it’s one of my favourites – I find I prefer less sweet and more citrusy-flavours – but it’s nice to have for a change.

I had planned to write this review much earlier in the year, when Summer Jam was actually ‘new’. You can still find it it in convenience stores and some service stations, but unlike the Tortured Orchard V, it doesn’t seem to have made the jump to supermarket shelves. And now I’m not sure that it ever will, since yet another new flavour has recently emerged. Stay posted for a review of that one to come soon.

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