There seems to be a marked increase in Summer-ish flavoured energy drinks at this time of year, with Mother, V, and Monster all throwing their respective hats into the ring. It should come as no surprise, then, that Rockstar are following suit, with their newly introduced Island Fruit Rockstar, the first flavour in a new offshoot of a sub-brand labeled “Start Fresh.”

Summer might be over, but the summery flavours never stop

Upon first tasting Island Fruit, I was met with a familiar taste on my tongue. I had tasted something very very similar to this before — Rockstar’s own Guava flavour. But there was something more to it, it almost tasted like they’d just straight up added apple juice to the existing flavour. And when I checked the label for ingredients, it seems I was right on the money; Island Fruit Rockstar contains 5% apple juice.

That’s a surprisingly good addition, though. Those familiar with Rockstar’s offerings know that some of their flavours — particularly the fruity flavours — tend to be overwhelmingly sweet. Like, almost sickeningly sweet. The smell alone is probably enough to send your blood sugar levels through the roof. Adding apple juice to the mix is a welcome change, because it cuts through that sweetness with an acidic sort of tanginess. It’s still very sweet, as most Rockstar flavours are, but it’s the most palatable at the very least. It also, surprisingly, does have less sugar than most energy drinks I have available to me, coming in at just 21g per 500ml can — most others clocked in at 50g or more.

So if you like Guava Rockstar, but think it would be better if they chucked in a bit of apple juice, then Island Fruit is for you. How apple is an island fruit, I’ll never know, but hey, the drink is alright at least.

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