Though I sometimes enjoy baked goods like cookies and cakes, I never bake them myself, mainly because most of my cooking efforts result in Homer-Simpson-setting-his-cereal-on-fire-with-milk levels of failure. So when I saw these little cup-sized instant cookies and cakes from Green’s in the supermarket aisle, I decided to try one.

Green's Cookie Break

I got a Cookie Break in Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough flavour, but they also have white chocolate and macadamia ones, as well as various Cake Break, Muffin Snack and Brownie Break varieties.

They’re so simple to prepare that even a culinarily-challenged idiot like me can do it: All you do is add 20 mls of milk, 20 grams of butter (possibly different ingredients for the other flavours), mix it all up and microwave it for one minute.

It’s not much effort to put in for a reward, but is the reward really worth it? Once I pulled the cup out of the microwave, I was expecting to see a tub of soft, fluffy cookie dough like what was depicted on the spoon on the front of the packet (I know, I know, advertising lies). What I got was a tub of bloated, slightly-too-dry dough sitting on a bed of warm but uncooked cookie dough. Consistency inconsistencies aside (sorry, I had to), it didn’t taste that bad. Could have used more chocolate chips, I think, but it still made for a satisfying breakfast, even though I found I liked the uncooked bit better (all nice and soft and melty).

I doubt I’ll get this one again, but I’ll probably try one or two of the other varieties.

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