I’m generally not a fan of Red Bull. In the past they’ve had a few flavours I enjoyed (there was one in a blue can a while back that might have been blueberry or acai berry or something which was one of my favourites, but it got discontinued not long after I found out about it). Most of the time I ignore the Red Bull section on the energy drink shelf, but when I saw this orange can, I thought I might actually like this flavour, so I bought one.

Red Bull Orange Edition

I was expecting Red Bull Orange Edition to taste like Fanta, and it does a bit, but not exactly. It’s less sweet and more tart, kind of like if someone got a glass of Fanta and tipped a little bit of original Red Bull in, with maybe a hint of plain lemonade as well. It’s up there with the discontinued Blue Red Bull as one of my favourites.

If you want a refreshing energy boost that isn’t overpoweringly sweet, Red Bull Orange Edition is a worthy contender for your money.

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