Movie soundtracks, generally, fit into one of two categories: a collection of pop hits, or songs that feature in the film itself, like in a musical. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse’s soundtracl sits solely in the middle, consisting entirely of songs featured in, and inspired by, the film, but also standing alone as a collection of incredible music that could very well be unconnected to the film without suffering a loss of meaning.

Into the Spider-Verse’s soundtrack is much like the movie itself — it’s a unique experience quite unlike any other on the market. Filled with a powerful set of electrified hip hop and R&B beats, featuring a wild mix of artists, from Post Malone and Lil Wayne to Nicki Minaj, and even the late XXXTentacion. With an overarching theme of upending the status quo, with songs like What’s Up Danger, Start a Riot, and Elevate leading the charge of highlights on the album, the soundtrack perfectly encapsulates everything Spider-Verse stood for. There’s a new Spider-Man on the block, unlike anything you’ve seen in the past, and with beats like this, he won’t be pushed aside.

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