Like most people, I try to forget that my high school years ever happened. It was an awkward time for everybody involved, and it’s probably better that we all just pretend that we skipped straight from the age of 12 right into adulthood. But doing that would mean skipping over one of my favourite bands: The Academy Is…

Almost Here is the band’s first album, and it’s by far the most interesting. It offers a punk-lite, pseudo-pop experience, with a kind of music that nobody ever really makes anymore, but nevertheless is one heck of a listen. I love each and every one of these songs, but none have made more of an impact on me than Black Mamba, which serves as a gigantic middle finger to the now almost-dead industry of music reviews. It’s a testament to making the music that you want to make, to making the music that you enjoy making. Because if you love what you’re making, it’s not worth a damn if the critics hate it.

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